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Dr Nejmeh Khalil-Habib was born in Haifa, Palestine and was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She graduated with a BA from the Arab University (Beirut, Lebanon) in 1970 and received an MA in Arabic literature from the Lebanese University in 1991. In the same year, Khalil-Habib immigrated to Australia with her husband and four children.  She has been teaching in the Arab and Islamic Studies Department at the University of Sydney since March 2003.  She has acted as editor for the Australian-Arabic literary magazine, Joussour and has published innumerable essays, translations, reviews and columns in both English and Arabic journals and newspapers worldwide.  Her Masters thesis, Al-Namouthaj Al-Insani Fi Adab Ghassan Kanafani was published by Bissan Inc. in Beirut in 1999 (proceeds from this book are donated to the Ghassan Kanafani Foundation).  Bissan also published her first collection of short stories entitled Wal Abna Yaddrusson in Beirut (2001).  Her latest collection of short stories, Rabiun Lam Yuzhir was published in Beirut by Al-Markiz Al-Arabee Lil-Abhath Wal-Tawtheek (2003).  Her book Min Australia: Wujooh Adabiya Mu'asirah is a unique reader on Australian Literature written in Arabic; an academic project for which she received a literary grant in 2003 from the Australia Council of Arts. Her latest publication Ru'a Al-Nafi Wal-Awada fi Al-Riwaya Al-Filastinia, was published in Beirut by  Al-Mu'assah Al-Arabiah lil-Dirassat Wal-Nashr (2015) 

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